Why Marketing?

“Why Marketing?”

If you’re currently in a slow slump; not getting enough leads resulting in no new customers, then listen up.

Small business owners, particularly contractors like yourself, wear many hats— working multiple positions and running many tasks simultaneously, which can be the main reason as to why you don’t have a marketing plan carved out already.

Many of you have put in the time, energy, and money into marketing but saw no difference in cash flow.

Small business owners state the following as their biggest hurdle for getting results from their marketing efforts:

  • The economy is slow
  • Lack a marketing budget
  • Lack knowledge of marketing
  • Don’t have the time
  • Are confused by the (sometimes) conflicting information out there

These are valid reasons as to why you don’t have a great marketing plan, but it doesn’t mean that’s the end all be all. It doesn’t have to be hard. You can create a marketing plan that attracts clients even in the toughest of times.

The secret to making marketing easy is to:

  • Immerse yourself in your customers world— try to put yourself in their shoes so you get the message across most effectively.
  • Uncover your customers pains, struggles, worries and concerns to leverage your unique ways to assisting these people.
  • Find out where your potential customers hang out (on and offline) so that you can find the right channels to get your message across. (Grocery store bulletins, Sports centre entrance ways, on Facebook, on Linked In, at home looking at flyers and newspapers, etc.)
  • Learn to test and measure so that you know where to apply your marketing budget. (Everything is trial and error at first, and that’s okay!)

Take the time to discover your ideal market— learn the systems and methods that will get you more clients, higher profits, and time for life outside your business. Knowing your marketing problems and seeking out solutions is the first step to achieving success!

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Top 5 Areas to Master as the Business Leader

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In order to master your business, you need to master a few things as leader and business owner. Keep in mind, being adaptable and open to change is key for any business owner in order to see positive change and growth.

Here are the 5 areas to focus on in order to better yourself and your business this year:

1. Master your Teams 

A happy team is a productive team. Ensure everyone understands the common goal of your business. Tell them the values you hold, and the environment you wish everyone to work in. Ensure there’s open communication and that you take the time to reward your employees for their great work.

2. Master your Money 

The strategies you have in dealing with money will either make or break profitability, thus affecting how long you will be in business. Have plans for budgets and auditing account receivables so that you can avoid any problems with your cash flow. You should constantly be adapting to pricing increase.  

3. Master your Marketing 

In order to offer value beyond just price, you should be focusing on the customer themselves. Know their values and trigger points— what’s truly important to them and why. Master how to increase conversion rate, the number of transactions and the margins of each sale so that you can maximize profits. Never forget up-selling and cross-selling.

4. Master Technology

Technology doesn’t have to be complicated— embrace it as it’s the way of the future. When used correctly, it can help you stay organized and better on top of tasks as well as make them easier. Find tools that have a positive affect on your profits such as tools to systemize account receivables.

5. Master Self-Growth

As a business owner, you want to invest in learning so that you can stop constantly making the same mistakes. You don’t necessarily have to seek formal education, but you should want to seek answers to your biggest business problems.

Passion alone will not lead to profits, but knowledge will get you to a path of better understanding your business because you’ll be focusing on the important questions and tasks, resulting in better decisions and actions. When you are a business owner, think like a leader, not as an employee.

Change won’t happen overnight— it’s going to take some planning, searching, teaching, and learning. But nothing will change for the better if you never start.

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5 Apps to Maintain Control and Save you Time

It’s the day and age of technology, so why not use it to your advantage? Sure, learning how to use a new app or computer program may sound daunting, but it’s very much worth the efforts. The reason these apps were created for your industry is to SAVE you TIME, and to help you MAINTAIN CONTROL.

Here’s 5 amazing apps currently on the market that can truly change the way you run your business:

1) Jobber App

You’re already busy enough with managing your projects and team. When you add administrative work to the mix, you’re working overtime, correct? Save time in your day with Jobber. https://getjobber.com/industries/general-contracting/

  • Batch Invoicing
  • QuickBooks or Xero Syncing
  • Scheduling
  • Route Optimization
  • Drag-and-Drop Calendar
  • Financial Reporting
  • Invoice Templates
  • Expense/Payment Tracking

2) ExakTime App

Does your service crew get to the office to fill out their paperwork after 6-8 hours running calls? Are their often mistakes and unhappy customers because they make mistakes on monitoring their time? Not any more with ExakTime. http://www.exaktime.com/solutions/time-clocks/exaktime-mobile/

  • Crew & Cost Code Tracking
  • Field Notes
  • GPS
  • ID Confirmation of crew members
  • Team View Map

3) JoistApp App

Constantly working over time in order to get paperwork done? With Joist, you can tackle everything from the job site or in the truck in order to get it done right away. This allows for less mistakes and things to be forgotten. https://www.joistapp.com/

  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Management

4) FieldLens App

Do you struggle to communicate with your team while they’re out on job sites? FieldLens App allows you to control your team and projects from a distance— so that you can focus on your own important tasks. http://fieldlens.com/

  • Reporting
  • QA/QC
  • Punch List
  • Safety
  • Manpower
  • Realtime Project Communication
  • Audit Trail
  • Progress Photos and Videos
  • Integrations

5) Tradies App

Are you struggling with creating your own forms, templates, and paperwork? Fear no more. Tradies is a mobile tool that provides you with quick solutions to all the paperwork forms you may need in your day. They also provide tons of support through how-to videos on their website. http://www.contractorsapps.com/our-apps/tradies

  • Site Diary
  • Change Orders/Variations
  • Quotes
  • Invoicing
  • Toolbox Talk
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Request for Information
  • Sub-Contractor Agreements
  • Tender Request
  • Estimate
  • Backcharge Notive
  • Purchase Order
  • Site Instructions
  • Extension of Time.

Stop drowning yourself in paperwork, and start saving time by investing into an app built for your industry! These apps provide automation in your business operations that will help you to systemize and get back control. Find an app that suits you and your business best so that you can start getting time back to spend with your family and work on bettering your business.

4 Tips for How Contractors Can Best Communicate Price Increases to Their Customers

Unfortunately, not everything is within your control. You know that if your suppliers raise their prices, product price goes up, and what you charge your customers will have to too in order to maintain profits, or worse, take from your own pockets.

You’ll probably want to offer up dozens of discounts in other areas in order to maintain clients, but bending over backwards like this can be just as damaging to you and your business than outright telling your customers, like a cold slap in the face, that there’s going to be a price increase.

There’s got to be a good middle ground!

Here are 4 tips that will help you make the transition:

1) Know the ‘secret psychology’ of your customers. What is important to your customers beyond just price? It could be family safety, cleanliness, timeliness, amazing craftsmanship, professionalism, etc. When you go to your customers, keep in mind the key elements that make you and your company unique and better than the competition, in order to keep your customers.

2) Provide them the information ahead of time. Whether it’s online through blogs or social media, through personal email, or in-person, write about the fluctuations in the economy, talk about suppliers costs going up, and discuss seasonal changes and their effects on a contracting businesses— explain the what, who, when, how, and why. If you’re able to have an informal conversation relevant to price increases ahead of time, it lessens the blow for when it comes time to tell your customers prices are going up.

3) Practice having this conversation in a team meeting. Grab not only your sales and marketing team, but everyone you can! The more people that practice and know what they’re talking about, the better. Enough practice leads to a conversation that truly sounds authentic (because even if it really is, it can sometimes come off as an act to your customers; they’re smart and know what sounds valuable.)

4) Don’t get intimidated. There will always be customer’s that push back and argue over everything. Does that mean you should offer up dozens of discounts in other areas to please them? Not necessarily. Does that mean you should cave and maintain price just for them? No. Does it mean you should offer up a lower quality service or product in order to keep them? Not recommended. The thing is, you most likely will lose a few customers— these are customers we classify as ‘D’s as they only care about winning best price. In a professional, polite way, you must explain in detail why prices are increasing and how it’s important, as well as why they should stick with you (reflecting back on the ‘secret psychology’ and your practice conversations.)

When it comes down to it, telling customers your prices are increasing is never easy. Showing value to your customers in other areas, is. Rating clients accordingly will allow you to determine which clients can be offered specific discounts or deals, and which will be content with a polite explanation of the situation. If you’re curious about the ‘secret psychology’ of customers or how to rate your customers from class A-D and what that means, we have specific tools to help. Click here for a chat with Andrew to find out more.

All the best, Profit for Contractors.